And This Is My Story

I’m Shannon. Or Shan. Or ShanShan.

I decided to start an OFFICIAL blog this year and since then, my mind has just been whirring with possibilities and ideas for posts, especially the FIRST POST. Too many ideas, really.

But the bottom line is this: I’ve had the urge and the want to blog for about five years now, but I always held myself back. What would I say? Would anyone care? Would anyone listen? What would the point even be? What would I blog about? Why in the actual world would people read it?

And then my lovely, beautiful friend and therapist told me the best blogs always come from people who have a good story.


And yet… I still struggled with the importance of my experiences and words and the wisdom I have gained in my 27 years. (It is not a TON of wisdom, granted. But I have a little.) What does my story matter, REALLY, in the long run?

Recently, I’ve learned this:
My voice is important and I have things to say. I used to think my voice didn’t matter, and my hard-earned wisdom was unimportant. “You can’t change anything with simple words,” I thought.)

I was half right. I can’t physically change anyone. But I can help. I can be there for any recent college graduate or newlywed who is going through what I went through. I can listen. And I can use my voice, my important voice, to speak. And if I can help ONE PERSON, just ONE, with this blog or anything else, all of my past struggles and heartbreak will be worth it.

I’ll talk more about my experiences, and my crazy life in later posts. This IS just the start, after all, and it is full of amazing possibilities.

What will this blog be about? Who knows!? Whatever I want! Great recipes I’ve tried, awesome books that touched my soul, TV shows that make me fall of off my couch, our misadventures in making our family our own special brand of Ridiculous… Anything I want, basically.

So here. Here it is, my blog. I do hope my words make you giggle, or make you mad, or make you think. I hope they make you go read a book I love or send me that perfect minor key song I’ve been searching for my whole damn life.

Happy birthday to ME and Happy Actual Birthday to my Blog. Cheers!
(Or Dorito. Or Babydoll. Or Sestra.)

6 thoughts on “And This Is My Story

    • Yiiiikes, I’m bad at navigating my own blog! I just saw this! So happy you’re reading along and OF COURSE you need to start your own blog! I need your family stories, too! And lots and lots of pictures of your adorable babies!!! Give your family a hug and a hi from me!


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