And This Is Us

Hey, all!

I really meant to have something like this in my first post, but like some kind of idiot who was also rushing around doing crazy birthday shenanigans, I thought that publishing that post via the mobile app would be TOTES FINE. It definitely was NOT that.

SO. Formal introduction time. (Remind me to tell you about the time that my sister and I realized that we had never been formally introduced… our minds were BLOWN.)



This is Husband. Or M. Or Sweets. Or DUDE SERIOUSLY?! He is darling and kind and wonderful and infuriating and one of the least boring decisions I’ve ever made.



This is me. I have no true nicknames, but also I have just too many nicknames to list. Shan is normally my preferred weapon of choice, as Shannon Elise still makes me think I’ve gotten in some kind of trouble. (Now… I just AM trouble.) If I don’t have my blue streak in my hair, my mind is actively planning the next time I can, I promise you.

SugarButt, absolutely thrilled to be wearing a bow for family pictures.

SugarButt, absolutely thrilled to be wearing a bow for family pictures.

This our dog, Coco Bella. Or SugarButt. Or Coconut. Or Cocomo. Or Bells. Or Dorito Head. Or Oh I KNOW You Did NOT Just Think You Could Get Away With That, Ma’am! There are probably about a hundred more, but I’ll stop. FOR NOW.

I love my dog more than l like most people, and to me, she is just the BEST THING. Technically, she is a rescue dog. My parents found her hiding underneath one of our cars when she was six-ish months old. My dad and I shared custody of her for a while, but when I moved away to get married, I needed her with me. She is currently curled up next to me, pressing as close to me as she can without leaving her bed, while I figure out how to blog and share and decide what to do with the ocean of words rushing around in my head.

Sasha, Elena, Shan, Coco, and Matthew

Sasha, Elena, Shan, Coco, and Matthew

There are two other dogs in my extended family, Sasha and Elena, that live with my parents. I mention them 1) because I ADORE those punks and 2) because my tiny little chihuahua grew up with the huskies, so she thinks she is actually a huge Husky Guard Dog. Bless her little heart. She tries.

Tiny Family

Tiny Family

And that’s my family, so far!

Husband and I have many dreams and wants and plans for the future of our family (Me- more dogs. ALL THE DOGS! AND PONIES! Him- tiny little baseball players and drummers to run around the house. And also dogs.) but right now, this is more than enough.

One really HARD lesson we have learned in our barely two years of marriage is this: Family Begins Before Kids.

We also learned that we were really and truly terrible at treating our own family like that was the truth. There were many hurt feelings and many disagreements and finally we would just break down from the stress and say something like “WHY are we doing this? What is the ACTUAL REASON?”

The answer was that we were both always making decisions based on former habits without thinking about what OUR family needed.

Now, Husband and I are very firm in choosing our own family and building our own structure and our own rules from the ground up, instead of just mindlessly following habits. We try very hard to remember that even now, without kids or dependents, that we are own family unit, not just an addition to the families we came from.

Adulthood and marriage are Hard Things to do, but once you realize that all of the choices are yours, and yours ALONE, to make and screw up… the freedom is breathtaking. And scary as hell.

Cheers, from this tiny (but real!) family.DSC_0532


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