Bio: I'm a Texas girl with a London heart. Know what that means? Me neither, but I do know the Atlantic ocean is a source of great annoyance in my life. My sweet husband and perfect dog have to live with a girl who spends too much money on books, watches too much TV, bakes too many sweets, takes too many pictures trying to get the perfect shot, and wastes a truly amazing amount of time searching for the the next perfect song in a minor key. If you can't find me... I'm probably in the wine section.

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One thought on “About

  1. Saw your tweet and wanted to help :) says:

    Hi! I saw you were asking on Twitter for thoughts about writing outside your experience, so I wanted to point you to this: http://www.writingtheother.com/

    (I think the main reason people might be advising you not to write what you haven’t lived is that they’ve seen lots of terribly done “representation” of marginalized groups. That’s what these teachers are for; in fact, one of them coined the expression “writing the Other.”)


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